Program Costs


The following is an estimate of total student expenses for the program. This includes both payment to MC Law and anticipated out-of-pocket expenses. These are only estimates and are subject to change.

MC Law Tuition for 1 credit hour: Second-year students $965 / Third-year students $926*

Travel/Lodging/Administrative Fee: $2995 which covers roundtrip flights from Jackson to Havana, lodging for 7 nights in a shared room, daily breakfast and lunch, two dinners, daily tours (see itinerary link for complete details). Singles rooms are available for an additional $200.

Registration Fee: $75
Textbook: $100
Food: $100
Spending Money: $100-200

*Please note: The tuition fee is not an additional tuition cost. The cost is the same for one regular credit that would be taken on campus and this is one fewer credit you will need to take in the future.