Upon successful completion of the program, students will earn a total of one (1) credit hour from the following course:


Comparative Constitutional Law (1 credit) – Professor John Anderson.  The Course will meet Monday, March 10 through Friday, March 14 from 9am-12pm.


The course illuminates important concepts and themes in constitutional law by considering them from competing national and international perspectives.  The course begins with a general introduction to the concepts of constitutionalism, rights, duties, and rule of law. The course then addresses the different roles constitutions play in different states.  The course will then shift to focus on one of the following specific themes in comparative constitutional law:  Religious, racial, and ethnic pluralism; separation of powers, social welfare rights, or freedom of expression.  Grades will be determined by class participation and the writing and presentation of a 7-10 page paper.


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All standard MC Law rules for class attendance, participation, and grading will apply to this course.  Please refer to the MC Law 2012-2013 Academic Year Catalog for details.  This catalog is available online at