Two 2-credit courses (for a total of 4 credits) will be offered in France.  Additionally, students will have the option of taking a 2-credit introductory comparative law course during May intersession.  The introductory course will be taught on the MC Law campus by Dean Phillip McIntosh and will also available through distance learning.  The introductory course is not required, but students are encouraged to take this course prior to attending the France program.  If all three courses are successfully taken, a student will earn 6 total credits.

The courses to be taught in France include:


International and Comparative Contracts and Sales Law – 2 credit hours – Dean Phillip McIntosh

This course examines both the civil law approach to contracts in comparison to American contracts law, with a focus on sales law, and the laws governing international sales. Topics will include an introduction to sales in civil law jurisdictions, the United Nations Sales Convention (CSIG), UNIDROIT “Principles,” choice of law applicable to international sales contracts, the formation of international sales contracts, performance of international sales contracts, and remedies (non-judicial and judicial).



International and Comparative Competition Law – 2 credit hours – Professor Cecile Edwards

 This course analyses and compares competition/ antitrust law regimes in the USA and the European Union. The course will include analysis of legal and economic concepts of competition and  a comparative examination of specific issues and selected significant areas of competition/antitrust law.  Areas of study may include prohibiting agreements or practices that restrict free trading and competition between businesses, banning abusive behavior by a firm dominating a market, or anti-competitive practices that tend to lead to such a dominant position and supervising the mergers and acquisitions of large corporations.  


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All standard MC Law rules for class attendance, participation, and grading will apply to these courses.  Please refer to the MC Law Academic Catalog for details.  This catalog is available online at  Grades will be determined by a final exam or paper and class participation.