Upon successful completion of the program, students will earn a total of 6 credit hours from the following courses: 


  • Comparative Products Liability (3 credit hours) – Dean Phillip McIntosh

This course provides an introductory survey of Comparative Law with a focus on the Civil Law

and Common Law legal traditions. Topics will include the history of these traditions, structures

and roles of legal institutions within these traditions, sources of law and interpretive practices.

The course will then focus on comparative study of the law of products liability with emphasis

on the American and European approaches to liability for injuries caused by defective products,

theories of liability, defenses, proof, causation, damages and regulatory issues. 


  • Comparative Corporate Governance and Securities Regulation (3 credit hours) – Professor Cecile Edwards


This course presents a comparative overview of corporate governance issues and securities

regulation focusing on the US, the European Union and some Asian countries. It seeks to

encourage the study of comparative law as a means of thinking about law in a globalized

economy. The course will provide an introduction to economic theories as well as an analysis

of the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance. Specifically, the laws and practices in the

United States and some European Union Member States will be discussed and compared. The

course will also compare the regulation of securities transactions in these jurisdictions. Issues

considered will include the public offering of securities to investors outside an issuer's home

country, the periodic disclosure required of an issuer whose shares are held by investors outside

its home country, and the reach abroad of nationally based anti-fraud regimes.



Dean McIntosh’s and Professor Edwards’s biographies can be found at


All standard MC Law rules for class attendance, participation and grading will apply to these two courses.  Please refer to the MC Law 2013-2014 Academic Year Catalog for details.  This catalog is available online at  Grades will be determined by a final exam or paper and class participation.