A Law School with a Global Focus

MC Law is global in its focus and committed to expanding opportunities for its graduates to be competitive in the global legal market. Effective lawyers in the 21st century must be able to function in a multicultural and multinational legal environment. To prepare our students for practice in an increasingly globally-integrated legal environment, we offer several different opportunities to our students to gain knowledge and experience in international and comparative law through our course offerings in Jackson, through our study abroad programs, as well as student exchanges and LL.M. partnerships with foreign law schools.

As you explore this page and other pages linked from this page, you will find that MC Law is truly global in its focus and committed to providing our students with the opportunity to be prepared to practice law in the globally-integrated 21st Century.


MC Law offers courses in International and Comparative Law both in Jackson and abroad. Course cover such topics as public international law, international business transactions, sales, and competition law, as well as international human rights and comparative constitutional law. For a detailed listing of courses in International and Comparative Law please consult the course listing linked to below.

International & Comparative Law

Certificate in International and Comparative Law

MC Law students may choose to earn a Certificate in International Law and Comparative Law while completing their J.D. The program requires 20 credits of required courses and electives, and participation in at least one study abroad program. A grade of “B” or better is required for courses that are counted toward the certificate.

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We offer five opportunities for study abroad with programs in Merida, Mexico; Havana, Cuba; China and Korea; Berlin, Germany; and Lille, France. The programs occur during the winter intersession, spring break and the summer to maximize student opportunity to participate in one or more study abroad programs while.

Study Abroad


MC students may elect to spend a semester in their second or third year as an exchange students at either of two European law schools:

  • Faculté Libre de Droit, Université Catholique de Lille, in Lille, France
    Courses may be taken in English. Credits earned will count toward the credits required for graduation.
  • European Faculty of Law, in Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Courses may be taken in English. Credits earned will count toward the credits required for graduation.

LL.M., Univeristé Catholique de Lille

MC Law students or graduates may elect to earn an LL.M. degree in International and European Public Law or in International and European Business Law from the Faculté Libre de Droit - Université Catholique de Lille (Catholic University of Lille School of Law). This degree requires the equivalent of 30 credits. Fifteen of the credits are applied from the students J.D. credits earned at MC Law. The remaining credits may be completed in one semester by taking courses at Université Catholique de Lille.


MC Law students who participate in the exchange program with the European Faculty of Law (EVRO-PF) in Slovenia, may choose to remain to complete an LL.M. degree at EVRO-PF. Credits earned at EVRO-PF during the exchange will count toward the LL.M. degree.


The International and Comparative Law Center, established in 2007 at MC Law, broadly examines transnational legal regulation in relation to economics, politics, religion, and society. The research agenda of the Center is aimed to foster an interdisciplinary, research-based forum for innovative collaboration and heterodox scholarship by emerging and established scholars from diverse geographic, ideological, and disciplinary perspectives to address the growing challenges facing contemporary global governance. The Center works with the International Law Student Association to organize regular events and support research projects, and also assists in coordinating MC Law’s Summer Abroad program.


MC Law also has a Center for Civil Law Studies and has curricular offerings in Civil Law. Students who successfully complete at least 15 credit hours of civil law courses qualify for a Certificate in Civil Law Studies. The certificate program is designed specifically for students who plan to practice law in Louisiana, the only civil law jurisdiction in the United States (although the majority of the world’s nations are part of the civil law family of legal systems). MC Law is the only law school outside of Louisiana that has a civil law curriculum for students who plan to practice in Louisiana.

Center for Civil Law Studies


MC Law also has a vibrant LL.M. program in American Legal Studies for foreign-educated lawyers who wish to become familiar with the American legal system as well as to become qualified to sit for a bar examination in American jurisdictions, such a New York. This program contributes to the diversity and richness of experience for our J.D. students as well by bringing highly qualified foreign students into our student body.

LL.M. Program


MC Law also hosts law students from our partner schools from abroad. These highly qualified foreign law students spend a semester or an academic year as exchange students. As with our foreign LL.M. students, these exchange students also enrich the diversity and richness of the law school community and educational experience. Our list of partner schools whose students may elect to participate in an exchange program with MC Law include: