Remote Externship Information


Through the remote externship course, students may extern out-of-state or outside the Hinds/Madison/Rankin County area.  Remote externs must work a minimum of 135 hours for a three (3) hour placement and 270 hours for a six (6) hour placement. Students also attend a weekly class that will meet virtually through TWEN, and must submit weekly journals.  There will also be a mandatory seminar for all remote externs at the law school in the semester before the remote externship which will also count toward class credit.  There is no required textbook and no exam. The remote externship class is a pass/fail class. 


Students wishing to take a remote externship do not fill out the local externship application. Interested students should contact Meta Copeland to discuss particular areas of interest. The student will be responsible for securing his or her externship placement, after consultation with Professor Copeland.