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Areas of Expertise:

  • Contracts
  • Business Associations I
  • Antitrust
  • Commercial Paper
  • Legal Analysis and Reasoning
  • Debtor-Creditor Rights

J. Gordon Christy


Professor of Law




  • J.D. with Honors, University of Texas at Austin, 1975
  • Post graduate study in philosophy, University of Edinburgh, 1971 - 1972
  • B.A. with Honors and Special Honors in Philosophy, University of Texas as Austin


Professional Experience:


  • University of Oklahoma, College of Law - 1978-1982
  • Mississippi College School of Law - 2002 - present
  • Johnson & Gibbs, Dallas, Texas - 1976-78 and 1982-1986 (Partner/Shareholder Strasburger & Price, Dallas, Texas - 1986-1993 (Partner)
  • Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan - 1993-2002 (Special Counsel to the Deputy General Counsel)


Articles & Publications:


  • J. Gordon Christy and Sabrina Skeldon, “Shumate and Pension Benefits in Bankruptcy,” 2 Journal of Bankruptcy Law and Practice 719 (1992).

  • J. Gordon Christy, “Corporate Mismanagement as Malpractice: A Critical Reanalysis of Corporate Managers’ Duties of Care and Loyalty,” 21 Houston Law Review 105 (1984).

  • J. Gordon Christy and George A. Christy, “Who Says Utilities Are Less Risky?” 105 Public Utilities Fortnightly, No. 10, p. 11 (May 8, 1980).

  • George A. Christy and J. Gordon Christy, “Does the Capital Attraction Argument Suffice?” 103 Public Utilities Fortnightly, No. 7, p. 24 (March 29, 1979).

  • T. Richard Handler and J. Gordon Christy, “Texas Directors’ Standard of Care and Right to Rely—A Proposed Modification,” 8 Texas Tech Law Review 291(1976).

  • A Prolegomena to Federal Statutory Interpretaion (article)

  • Understanding and Learning the Law (book)

  • Federal Statutory Interpretation--the Linguistic Foundations--presented at the Summer meeting of the Southeastern Association of Law Schools--2003

  • J. Gordon Christy, “Selected Developments in the Labor and Employment Laws Affecting or Involving the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974,” presented as part of the Annual Labor and Employment Law Update, Labor and Employment Law Section, State Bar of Texas, San Antonio, Texas, March 28, 1992.

  • J. Gordon Christy, “Liability Under ERISA for the Acts of Others,” presented to employees of Ameritrust Texas, N.A., November 1991.

  • J. Gordon Christy, “ERISA Litigation—Procedural Aspects and Issue Identification,” presented to the Employee Benefits Section, Dallas Bar Association, April, 1991.

  • J. Gordon Christy, “ERISA Fiduciary Responsibility and Liability,” presented to the Tarrant County ERISA Group, January 1991.

  • J. Gordon Christy, “Problems Concerning Termination and Modification of Retiree Medical Benefits,” presented to the South Texas College of Law Comprehensive Course in Understanding ERISA Issues and Employee Benefit Plans, December 1990.

  • J. Gordon Christy and Paige H. Fugate, “Reporting and Disclosure Requirements under ERISA,” presented to the Wichita Falls Chapter CPA Tax Institute, November 1990.

  • J. Gordon Christy and Gary Short, “ERISA’s Reporting and Disclosure Requirements,” presented at the Enrolled Actuaries Meeting, Washington, D.C., February 1990.

  • J. Gordon Christy, “Significant Developments Affecting Employee Benefit Plans—1988 and 1989,” presented to the Council on Continuing Education in Management, Dallas, Texas, April 1990.

  • J. Gordon Christy, “Qualified Plans and Other Types of Deferred Compensation Arrangements,” presented to the Dallas Chapter, Texas Society of CPAs, October, 1989.

  • J. Gordon Christy, “The Section 89 Compliance Maze—Qualification Requirements and the Proposed Treasury Regulations,” presented to the Council on Continuing Education in Management, Dallas, Texas, September 1989, and to the Dallas Chapter, Texas Society of CPAs, September 1989.

  • J. Gordon Christy and Paige H. Fugate, “How to Recognize Whether You Have an ERISA Lawsuit and Why it Matters,” presented to the Galveston County Bar Association, September, 1989.

  • J. Gordon Christy, “Employees’ Employee Benefits in Bankruptcy,” presented to the Bankruptcy Section, Dallas Bar Association, October 1989, updated and presented to the Dallas Pension Society, May, 1990.

  • J. Gordon Christy, “Special Perks and Plans,” presented to the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Texas, Austin, Texas, October 1988.

  • J. Gordon Christy, “Qualified Plan Distributions,” presented, as substitute for the scheduled speaker, William B. McClure, Jr., to the New York University, Institute on Federal Taxation, New York, N.Y., April, 1987, and San Francisco, California, June, 1987.

  • J. Gordon Christy, Michael J. Donohue, and Thomas D. Terry, “DEFRA’s New Original Issue Discount and Below-Market Loan Rules and Certain Employment Compensation Arrangements,” presented at the ABA Tax Section Meeting, San Diego, California, January, 1986, and as a mini-program at the ABA Annual Meeting, New York, N.Y., August, 1986.


Memberships & Activities:


  • Board of Directors, Mississippi Symphony Orchestra
  • Performer, Mississippi Community Symphonic Band