Faculty & Staff

content-faculty-staff-3.jpg“At MC Law, we take responsibility for nurturing every student and helping them become their best. More than just teaching, it’s about building a special relationship with each student. And unlike so many people I know, I never dread Monday.”— Professor Judith Johnson

 “As an adjunct professor and a judge, I have great opportunity to see the end product. I see my former students in my court quite often, especially in their early years of practice. MC Law graduates, even the newest, are, as a whole, second to no others in their competence and confidence in the courtroom.”Judge Kent McDaniel
Rankin County Court Judge
MC Law Adjunct Professor


Mentoring for Success


MC Law’s administration, faculty, and staff put students first. From the initial contact with the admissions office to the professors who teach their classes to a support staff on hand to answer virtually any question, MC Law students find themselves surrounded by a community dedicated to ensuring their success in law school and beyond.


MC Law’s faculty members are leaders in their fields of study and are regularly cited in courts, scholarly journals, and the media. But while their scholarship is outstanding, content-faculty-staff.jpgMC law professors are first and foremost teachers. At MC Law, professors are given the time and encouragement necessary to serve not only as instructors, but also as mentors. Professors are approachable, enjoying personal relationships with their students that extend beyond law school and continue throughout the course of their former students’ careers.


MC Law’s fulltime professors are complemented by an adjunct faculty that includes skilled practitioners and respected judges, providing students not only with excellent “real world” instruction, but also with valuable networking opportunities.


At MC Law, faculty and staff do more than administer programs and supervise assignments. They mentor, encourage, and inspire students to succeed.