University of Maine School of Law

University: University of Maine
College: School of Law
Web Address:
Phone Number: 207.780.4344
Fax Number: 207.780.4239
Address: 246 Deering Avenue
Portland, ME 04102

Current Dean

Danielle Conway
2015-07-01 to Current

Previous Deans (populated by deans in the database)

Peter R. Pitegoff
2005-07-01 to 2015-06-30

Deans Who Attended University of Maine School of Law


Previous Deans (information provided by University of Maine School of Law)

Tenure as Dean
Colleen Khoury
1998 - 2005
Donald Zillman
1992 - 1998
Kinvin Wroth
1978 - 1990
Edward S. Godfrey *
1962 - 1973

* Deceased

Additional Positions

Academic DeanAssociate Dean Rita Heimes
Chair - Faculty Recruitment CommitteeProfessor Deirdre Smith; Professor Dmitry Bam
Most Recently Tenured Faculty MemberProfessor Dave Owen