Women's Student Bar Association


The Women’s Student Bar Association is an active organization at Mississippi College School of Law which promotes women’s issues and giving back to the community. The WSBA through education, networking, scholarship, fellowship, and charity, helps to prepare its members for a future in the legal profession. The WSBA provides its members with free lunches at its monthly meetings.  The monthly meetings involve topics that affect women in the profession; such as “Balancing a Family and a Legal Career,” “Networking for You,” and “Giving Back to the Community.” Local women attorneys, judges, and women in the legal profession attend the meetings and functions throughout the year in order to help mentor and educate WSBA members. 

There are many opportunities to attend continuing education workshops throughout the year such as the “Gandy Lecture Series.” The Gandy Lecture Series is sponsored by the Women in the Profession Committee of the Mississippi Bar and is a two day conference which  discusses issues that affect women in the profession such as “Juggling to be a Player,” “Juggling Family and Career,” “The Gandy hour,” and “Balancing Ethics and the Legal Profession.” Scholarships to attend the two day conference are awarded yearly to WSBA members. Throughout the year there are many opportunities to get involved such as the annual Potluck Dinner hosted by Professor Judith Johnson, and the Faculty Brunch.   

The Women’s Student Bar Association sponsors charity events throughout the year in order to give back to the community. During the 2007-2008 school year the WSBA held its annual book drive and date auction in order to raise money for the Catholic Charities Battered Women’s Shelter in Jackson.  Over $1,500.00 was raised and donated to the Shelter from the charity events. Additionally, the WBSA participated in the American Cancer Society’s Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, which raised money and awareness for breast cancer research.   
Professor Carol West is the WSBA’s faculty advisor and works with the organization giving direction, guidance, and mentoring to its members and officers.