There will be three types of meetings: general, executive, and special.


General meetings shall:

  • Be held once a month or as designated by the Commander;
  • The Command Group shall have the power and authority to call and convene general meetings when necessary;
  • 50% of the active members are a quorum;
  • The Commander will preside over all meetings unless incapacitated in which case the Executive Officer will preside; and,
  • Have the Adjutant present for that meeting to record the meeting.

Command Group meetings shall:

  • Be held at least twice a semester to plan and review goals and objectives with accomplishments;
  • Make necessary adjustments in goals and objectives to facilitate the successful completion of the year's plans;
  • Meet as often as necessary to carry out the business of the Society;
  • May be called at any time by the Commander;
  • Have the Adjutant present for that meeting to record the meeting; and,
  • Consist of at least five members including the Commander shall constitute a quorum.




Due Notice shall in all cases consist of one (1) weeks written notice to the members by posting of public notice in common areas or in the individual student mail boxes. If notice is required over school break or during periods when student members are not in school the section shall authorize dissemination via electronic mail.




The Society will operate under the generally accepted accounting principles. The budget will allocate the in-flow and out-flow of all funds available to the Society and will include but not be limited to: In-flow; dues, allocation from Student Bar Association, fund raising, gifts, out-flow, speakers, presentations, other activities.


The Command Group shall propose the assessment dues and fines as necessary.

  • The amount dues or fines must be determined by the Command Group and presented to the body for approval, but in no event will exceed twenty US dollars per annum.
  • All initial dues must be approved by the general body, by 3/4 vote of a quorum after due notice of the meeting and purpose.
  • Any change in the amount of dues must be approved by the general body, by 3/4 vote after due notice of the meeting and purpose.
  • Fines may be assessed for late payment of dues.




Intra-campus organizational affiliations:

  • At its discretion, and with the approval of the other sanctioned University organizations involved, the Society may affiliate with, and mutually cooperate with, other University organizations in the promotion of campus activities, so long as such activities are consistent with the purpose of the Society.




This organization shall strictly adhere to the customs and curtsies of the US Military. (See AR 600-25. Salutes, Honors, and Visits of Courtesy and FM 3-21.5 (FM 22-5) Drill and Ceremonies.) The flow of the Society’s meetings will be directed by the Commander as long as it falls into the limits set forth by the bylaws.  


Amendments to Bylaws


Amendments to the Bylaws may be made after due notice and upon a vote of ¾ of the active membership of the Society.