Wireless Network


Students will have access to our wireless network in all of the classrooms, throughout the library and in all major meeting areas.  Each year, students must agree to the college's Acceptable Use Policy before they will be allowed access to the network.  This describes the legal and ethical regulations that students must agree to in order to use the wireless network.


Wireless Printing

Students have access to print wirelessly from their laptops.  




1) Open your web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) and go to http://papercut.mc.edu .  Log in using your username and password.  ** Do not put the '@mc.edu' after your username.




Once you are logged in, you will see your main login page. This displays your balance as well as other things. Click on the 'WEB PRINT' link on the left menu. 




From the Web Print page, click the 'Submit a Job' link. 




Next, you must select the correct printer.


Law School Printers: The following is a list of printers available for students at the law school. All printers are available wirelessly.

/addc3/l-wireless-1 – Located in the Law Library Copy room. Has duplexer and stapler.

/addc3/l-wireless-1D – The same physical printer but the queue is configured to duplex jobs (print on both sides)

/addc3/l-lab-1 – Located in the Computer Lab. No duplexing or stapling.

/addc3/l-lab-2 – Located in the Computer Lab. Has Duplexer.

/addc3/l-lab-2D – The same physical printer but the queue is configured to duplex jobs (print on both sides

/addc3/l-lab-c – Located in the Computer Lab. This is a color printer and the charges are higher for its use. Be sure to review the charges below.


Printing Charges:

The Following is a list of per page charges for the various printing options at the Law School.

All printers other than the color printer:

Black and White Single sided printing : $.05 per page

Black and White Duplex printing: $.03 per page (2 pages per sheet)


Printing to the Color Printer:

Black and White Pages : $.10 per page

Color Pages: $.25 per page



Then click the 'Print Options and account selection' button at the bottom right. 




On this next page, select the number of copies that you wish to print, and click the "Upload Document" button.




Next, select the document you wish to upload.  The document type can be any of the types listed below.  Most common types will be Word, PDF, Powerpoint, and Excel.  Once you have selected your document, click the 'Upload & Complete Button' to submit your job.






The final page shows you the status of your print job.  


You should now go pick up your print job in the Library Copy Room.