Small Law


The Initiative:


In light of both changing economic times and the challenges associated with limited employment opportunities, there has been a noted increase in the start-up of solo practices as well as resurgence in the practice of “small town and rural law.” In recognition of this, MC Law will host an introductory seminar and practicum about Small law firm management, solo practices and small town law. Specifically, the seminars will meet on Fridays at 12:00 noon – 12:55.  The Fall seminar program will include a wide range of speakers knowledgeable in the creation, development and management areas of small business and law firms, as well as various skill building workshops focusing on the actual practical skills necessary to start up and practice in a solo or small firm and in a small town environment and to grow that practice.




Sherry S. Johnson, Esq.

Director, Career Services


601.925.7185 (fax)