First Year Curriculum


Fall Semester


Course   Semester Hours
LAW 625 Civil Procedure I    3
LAW 506 Contracts I 3
LAW 502 Torts I 3
LAW 561 Criminal Law 3
LAW 582 Legal Writing 2
LAW 580 Legal Research 1
Total   15


Spring Semester


Course   Semester Hours
LAW 626 Civil Procedure II 3
LAW 507 Contracts II 3
LAW 574 Property 4
LAW 503 Torts II 2
LAW 583 Legal Writing II 2
LAW 581 Legal Research II   1
Total   15


In addition to the required courses listed above, a required orientation is held for entering students each fall prior to the beginning of classes. This program is geared toward lessening the trauma usually experienced by first-year students. In addition to matters traditionally covered by orientation, the program addresses topics such as case briefing, introduction to legal method, and a historical overview of the Anglo-American legal system.