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Professor Angela Mae Kupenda publishes feature commentary on equality-seeking academics, in the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education

Professor Angela Mae Kupenda recently published a commentary in the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education (JBHE), entitled "Embracing our First Responder Role as Academics – With Inspiration From Langston Hughes." 
As summarized by JBHE, Kupenda argues that "Amid a slew of American crises, academics who want to further equality in the land have a very critical and continuing role as first responders."  Her commentary is inspired by the work of the great writer Langston Hughes. Kupenda's commentary is available at

In addition to the commentaries she publishes, Professor Kupenda has published law journal articles on (in)equality, education, gender, race and class.  Her most recent journal article was published in the Seattle Journal of Social Justice and is titled: available at

For more information, please visit her CV page.