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Class of 2020 Arrives for Summer Class

Summer 2017 Property Class Summer 2017 Property Class

On Friday of last week, Professor Donald Campbell concluded his first week of his summer Property class with 25 students. Through the class, students who opt to get a headstart on their law school career are afforded the opportunity to be taught in a small, supportive environment. The class emphasizes participation, mastering of the Socratic method, and prepares students for a full course load in the fall. 

Many students who have previously taken the class encourage incoming 1Ls to consider the "leg-up" it provides going in to law school. Student Mike Mann ('19), who took the class last summer, said, "For two months straight, five days per week, it was Professor Campbell, me, and a room of other baby lawyers working together to master the transfer of title. Now, thanks to Professor Campbell's legendary skills in the Socratic Method, we've got the experience that puts us more than two months ahead of the rest of our class.”  

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