About MC Law

MC Law began educating future attorneys in 1930 as the Jackson School of Law, a night school for working professionals who wished to become attorneys.

Its location in Jackson, Mississippi’s legal and governmental center, has been an advantage ever since the law school’s earliest days; the original faculty members were practicing attorneys who pursued justice in the courtrooms of the capital city by day and encouraged the next generation of legal leaders in the evenings. Over the years, the law school grew from a night school into a fulltime institution, earning a reputation for outstanding instruction and the professional success of its graduates.

In 1975, the law school became a part of Mississippi College, the oldest university in the state. Combining a practical legal education with Christian principles, the law school has since become a premier legal center for the South.

In the late 1970s, plans were underway to construct a new law school building on the main campus of Mississippi College in Clinton. Those plans changed when United Gas Pipeline generously donated a five-story building in downtown Jackson to the law school; the first classes were held on the new MC Law campus in 1980. At that time, the gift was the largest in Mississippi College history, but its true worth was not in the monetary value of the bricks and mortar, but in the building’s location. For more than three decades, MC Law’s position in the heart of Mississippi’s legal, judicial, and business center has offered students unlimited opportunities for work, clerkships, and externships.