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Success in any state

MC Law is interested in students who demonstrate not only the intellect needed to succeed in law school, but the character, leadership skills, and drive required to succeed in life. MC Law is looking for well-rounded people of promise.

Engaging for Success

MC Law students come from a variety of geographic locations and cultural backgrounds, resulting in a diverse student body with a wide array of talents, personalities, and interests. MC Law offers opportunities for students to engage in activities that enhance their legal educations, expand their social circles, and form connections that extend beyond the classroom.

Connecting for Success

MC Law’s biggest success story is our alumni. The law school's graduates are respected attorneys, judges, scholars, and business professionals, leaders in their communities and families as well as their professions.

The MC Law Alumni Office helps our more than 5,000 distinguished alumni keep in touch and continues the tradition of personal relationships.

Motion for Success

MC Law’s administration, faculty, and staff put students first. From the initial contact with the admissions office to the professors who teach their classes to a support staff on hand to answer virtually any question, MC Law students find themselves surrounded by a community dedicated to ensuring their success in law school and beyond.

After competing nationally for MC Law, I would grab the file and jump at the opportunity. That kind of confidence and ability only comes through superior instruction and repeated practice.

Clay Baldwin

One advantage of MC Law is that it’s small. Everyone here knows me. I doubt there’s another law school where the dean not only knows you by name, but also gives you a daily high-five.

Kelvin Pulley

Being in Jackson gave me the ability to interact with many current judges and attorneys. That interaction allowed me to better absorb the principles I was learning in class.

Scott Jones

There's more to becoming an attorney than case law and passing tests.